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FE&S Dealer of the Year
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Boelter is proud to be the 2018 recipient of Foodservice Equipment & Supplies’ prestigious Dealer of the Year Award.


FE&S’ Dealer of the Year and Industry Awards Gala is held once-a-year at the National Restaurant Association’s Chicago trade show, and is often referred to as "The Golden Globes of Ovens and Stoves." It aims to bring together the best businesses and professionals in the foodservice equipment and supply industry to celebrate recent successes and innovations and grant prominent awards to the top achievers.

The 2018 gala is on May 19th, and we at Boelter Foodservice are honored to be accepting the 2018 FE&S Dealer of the Year Award. This will be the third time Boelter has received the award, having been given the title in 1990 and in 2005.


“Due to its honesty and integrity, Boelter has a well-honed reputation with operators throughout the foodservice industry. Across its many locations, the company remains true to its culture as its management team continues to provide the dealer’s frontline personnel the necessary tools to support their operator customers, regardless of whether they are a chain, independent or institutional operator. This unified approach allows Boelter to provide value on the customers’ terms and make it a desired trading partner for the many factories the company works with.”

- Maureen Slocum, Publisher at FE&S

Thank you to FE&S Magazine, to our wonderful customers, and, of course, to the Boelter Foodservice team who have worked as hard as possibly could the past few years to get us to where we are now.